Where I Get My Inspiration to Write

Some Resources for Creator’s Block

Ironically I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to write about today. Eventually, after hours of Netflix, cleaning my house and revising a short story that I initially intended on having done by tonight, I decided to write an article about where I get my writing inspiration from.

The Answer In Layman’s Terms: Everywhere.

There is no wrong way to look for ideas. Whatever the inspiration if it ends good, or bad or meh, it helped you write a story. For the majority of my topics, I like to look to stories I find on social media.

Social Media

This is especially referring to Twitter as a source.

Twitter is the kingpin of drama.

The perfect form of social media to get any ideas to write about a spectrum of communities: the makeup community, book community, celebrity drama etc.
I personally check the newsfeed as often as five times a day to gain any ideas for my articles because I treat it like a news outlet.
Because technically, it is. I try to turn on my television to watch the news on occasion but let’s be real, in 2020 even if you want any updates about anything that’s broadcasted on TV you’re going to check your phone first.
Log on to Twitter (or any social media platform) and click on the #explore tab and you have everything thing you need to create articles daily.

Celebrity gossip, natural disasters, politics, Covid- 19 updates you name it. There is always some topic being covered and recovered on the internet. Analyze what’s being talked about the most so you can stay afloat in the algorithm for the field you choose to prioritize in your Medium content.

And I just gave you a headline right there: How the Internet’s Influenced My Content on Medium.

It’s easier to rely and utilize this form of technology to make fast content because its made it easier to get more intimate details about anything.
The longer you stay online, the more content you get.

But if you wanted to branch away from the drama of real world problems and reach towards a more creative outlet for Medium, your best inspiration is as close as outside your house.

Yes. Go outside.

It’s as simple as going to a park, Taking a walk on a nature trail or around the block in your neighborhood( and still wear mask). I choose this method when I want to write a poem or a short story piece. Observe how people’s body language changes with their emotions and the tonality of their voices when they speak. Do they have a monotone voice, is it a breathy voice or soft spoken?

Watch the behavior of a dog when they are excited, curious , or suspicious of a human or other animal they don’t know. What is the level of irritation the buzzing a bug brings to you as it passes by your ear? These things can be transcribed into your characters and your settings to make the experiences authentic to the reader.

Interactions with Friends/ Seeing Strangers in Public

This coincides with going outside. I’m not a statistician but if you’re reading a form of fiction with a well developed character with personality, flaws dynamics and all, you are most likely reading about a person the author knows or has met in real life. The way I think about writing a character in a story is the way your mind ‘creates’ someone you have never met before in a dream. Every person you see in your dream is someone you’ve seen before. There is also a chance you may have seen on social media or in a television show or movie;

Or Reading a Book:

I will always advocate that the best teachers in writing is reading and writing. You can learn new words to fit well into your sentences instead of chicken pecking through thesaurus. Every day before an article, I’ll read. That would take from as long as thirty minutes to an hour. If I skip a day of any of those I feel like I take a step back in my writing.

Let me know where you get your motivation from for an article. And while you’re here, I have a link to my article on ‘Why I Started Writing.’


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