Our County Is Doing Not So Bad — And Not So Good Dealing With Covid

We’re a little boat coasting through the pandemic — going with the flow of change

Day 859347 Of Living In A Pandemic.

Here we are in November, day 859347 of living in a pandemic. Sadly, not much has changed. Except it’s now flu season, collaborating with the threat of the coronavirus and seasonal allergies. It’s like a WWE Pay per view program for the other countries that are doing better than us, and the aliens floating past us in their UFOs.

Fighting to survive coronavirus is the Royal Rumble match against a tag team partner and the Royal Rumble contestants are us and the rest of the world. Instead, the tag team partnership is knocking us around and dominating because instead of forming an alliance to knock out the partners, it’s everyone for themselves. Earth is getting ghetto for everybody.

Are there any countries that are officially corona-free? I heard Taiwan seems to be the only country getting to that point. (If I’m wrong, let me know because I didn’t research for long.)

Covid Cases In North Carolina As Of Today Are Over 330k With Over 5,000 Deaths

I didn’t recover any research on the number of people that recovered. Almost 3% of the population is infected in the US, and I’d say around .6% of the world. Today I looked at my local newspaper and read that my county (Rowan County) is designated orange in the updated classification system for COVID-19. Cool color, great color, my favorite color. Not my favorite color for pandemic classifications.

According to this classification system, orange means that you are substantial. We are considered to be a substantial county. Right, so what does this mean for the county as far as covid regulations? It means that it is a county that says it isn’t mandatory to wear a mask in every establishment in the county.

Masks are mandatory in certain places. You can, however, walk around a grocery and notice people not wearing a mask. Mask law will not be enforced, and they will not get kicked out of the store.

Rowan County Has 5,195 Cases Of Covid-19. 128 People Have Died From It

That’s a significant amount for a county with a population of almost 34,000 people. But it’s low enough to not have to wear masks everywhere. It’s scary.
County buildings do not have to enforce masks on visitors. It is highly suggested, and you have to abide by the six-feet rule.

I learned this in a job interview the other day. And honestly, it drives me nuts to walk around a grocery store or a department store, and someone is not wearing a mask. Especially if they have children with them. It was unnerving to learn that this particular job doesn’t require masks for visitors.

I ask myself, “Why? Why not wear a mask? Do you want to catch corona? Do you want your kids to catch it, your parents? Do you have those antibodies that we need to save humanity to make a vaccine and your showing off?”

My sister had a conversation the other day with a pulmonary doctor about the coronavirus and how it was affecting the work environment. He doesn’t believe in the coronavirus. A PULMONARY DOCTOR. Because of this he doesn’t wear a mask and encourages his nurses not to if they don’t want to.

Would you feel comfortable going to a doctor who doesn’t believe in a worldwide pandemic happening around him? Especially if they are a doctor whose sole practice is the lungs.

I still can’t wrap my head around it. I find myself zipping past these people like I’m running away from a creep. If you don’t wear a mask out now, you are a creep. I don’t care that we are officially nine months into this in the United States. Just because we’re getting used to a pandemic, don’t mean we should disregard it.

Living In This New Normal Is Strange — But It’s For The Sake Of My Family

Taking precautions when I go out was never something I found inconvenient. I understand that something covering your face for eight hours in the day, possibly more, can get irritating. But It’s for the good of human health.

If some business tells you to wear a mask, just wear a damn mask. It’s not that big of a deal. If you cannot wear a mask, take consideration to abide by a location’s social distance rules or stay at home.

When we locked down in March, My furloughed position progressed to me losing my job, so I remained at home for the most part. I luckily had a side job and worked when the work was available. Until the season for that job ended.

Now I am at home searching for jobs and attending job interviews. And I’m taking into consideration how they handle their social distancing protocols.

If you think about it, the things that the CDC is encouraging businesses to do are things we should have been practicing in public already.

I never realized how close we are in concentrated areas until this pandemic swarmed us. We used to pack like sardines in lines to avoid cutting. We used to go into doctor’s offices without masks on. Now, if I look at someone who isn’t standing in the circle to indicate their six feet apart from me, I give them a death glare, like “ Don’t you come any closer.”Because if and when the spread of this virus is over, why would you want to get any closer than six feet of someone you don’t know?

Living in this new normal is strange — but it’s for the sake of my family. I’m not going to go out and drink, and party, or hang out with a dozen people. I’m not going to go to a grocery store or retail shopping without following the guidelines.

The last thing I’m going to do is be careless in my hometown because others choose to. Because at the end of the day, I have a family I come home to that is at higher risk than me. We have already been through so much this year. Anyone having Covid is the last thing we need.

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