All Book Lovers Should Read These Three Books


About two years ago, I came across a new community in the Instagram world: Bookstagram. Yes, an instagram community that has loads of content of people taking pictures of books, or book relating things.

Sometimes cats, we love to see it.

The first thought that came across my mind was ‘This is the nerdiest thing I have ever seen in my life.’ However, I am a curious person and after a while I liked what I saw. Being an avid reader I perused through the bookish content; learning about books I’ve never heard of before, coming across books I’ve read before and getting a different perspective about them all.

But I wanted to show appreciation to the community in this article because not only did they expose me to stories I never thought I’d read in adult fiction, They gave me stories in adult fiction that inspired me to get back into writing.

The first book I wanted to talk about is apart of a series : The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Now, I initially came across the Shadow of the Wind first in my local bookstore and I originally walked past it and bought a fantasy instead, because I thought that it would be too serious for me to take interest in. (My taste in books have changed drastically now.)

I couldn’t remember the name of the page that had made a post about the Shadow of the Wind but when I read their caption they claimed that the book changed their life. And I found another that shared the same opinion.

And another.

And another.

The cycle continued.

So, being someone that felt as though I was missing out on something good so I went back and bought the book.

And I can say now, a year later that I recommend this book to ANYONE who loves to read.

The Shadow of the Wind is a historic fiction novel apart of a four book series, “The Cemetery of Forgotten Books”. The book takes off with the story of Daniel around the 1940’s, he and his father own a bookstore in Barcelona, Spain. His father likes to take him to a secret place called The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, where he finds a book that he falls in love with. After discovering that the author of the book had basically fallen off the face of the Earth, Daniel goes on an age long journey to discover what has happened to the author. While looking for the author he learns that someone is also going out of the way to make sure he doesn’t know what has happened to the author or his work. It’s crazy.

The prose is beautiful and so atmospheric it makes you feel like you are there in every location Carlos Ruiz Zafon writes.

There is scenes of violence and sex in the series so I do want to warn anyone about that if they don’t feel comfortable reading about it.

The next book I want to talk about is The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. The Name of the Wind comes from an unfinished trilogy, The Kingkiller Chronicles but I just wanted to talk about this book in particular. Mostly because I’ve never read a book in this format, relating fantasy characters to such real issues in the world such as finances and being stressed to pay for the necessities like food, water, shelter and college expenses.

Now, for the sypnopsis: Imagine someone walking into a bar and interviewing a wizard about every adventure he’s embarked on, debunking or confirming every rumor and myth that has been said about him.

That’s what this book is about. Following an older Kvothe, telling his story from his youth and how he got to where he is in the present. This book was hyped up immensely on bookstagram. And I mean fan art everywhere, different editions of the book, homemade pop figures, cosplays.

And I see why. It’s a fantasy, but the writing style is heavily detailed; very logical and realistic. I enjoyed the way he colors the scenes, describes the food he eats and relationships he makes —

And there’s music. There’s songs in the story and being a musician myself I appreciated the way he describes Kvothe’s skill with his lute.

I don’t want to say anymore about the plot because I feel like I will spoil the entire story!

Lastly, If you want to read a story with Disney’s Atlantis and Avatar vibes then I would recommend that you read Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor.

This is one of those books that feels like you’re reading a movie… if that makes sense. The writing style is lyrical and atmospheric like the prior recommendations. Only… the way Taylor writes is more like a comfort, a big hug with plot twists that feel like a dagger to the back. Zafon and Rothfuss’ are good reads and a comfort if you like stabs to the gut and face.

Strange The Dreamer is a Young Adult fantasy about a orphaned boy named Lazlo Strange who grows up to be a junior librarian. Ever since he was a child he had dreams about a place that no one knows the real name of, so they call it ‘Weep.’ A group of travelers come to his town one day in search of people to recruit so they can travel to this world of ‘weep.’ Lazlo seizes the opportunity to travel with these people to find out the mysteries of the ancient place, discovering the true intentions of the band of travelers and what and who awaited them there in the land of weep.

Let me know if you’ve read any or all of these recommendations. I feel like the best time to read these would be now since we’re all quarantined and need something to escape into that’s not taken as seriously as the news.

Tell me how you felt about them; If you liked them, loved them..I’d actually love to see why you didn’t like any of them.

All opinions are welcome!

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